Anatomy of an Online Poker Hand – Ten of Clubs-9 of Hearts


Now and then, when playing on the web poker, a hand comes around that just works for you. This is the first in a progression of articles that recount to the narrative of these hands. I will attempt my best to escape from the ordinary hand history type portrayal. I will likewise attempt to clarify what I did well and wrong and what my perspective was all through the hand.

The primary online DominoQQ Online hand that I will depict is Tc/9h. I was playing in a 27 seat sit ‘n go on PokerStars. This was a miniaturized scale stakes purchase in light of the fact that I am in the start of a bankroll challenge and the $1.00+$0.20 purchase in was every one of that was permitted by the guidelines of the test. It was the finish of the competition and I was heads facing “fonceur_AK”. Our chip stacks were quite close. I had recently over 17K and he was simply above 22K.

Pre-Flop-I was in the huge visually impaired for 800 and the other person raised us up to 2400. I wasn’t excessively astonished by his raise since we were heads up so things get increasingly forceful. On the off chance that there had been more players I most likely would have collapsed yet right now called.

The Flop-When the lemon was [8d 5d 7c] I begun to get energized a piece. With a quite decent measure of cash in the pot I needed to play this one as effectively as would be prudent. Slow play was the name of the game so I checked. Fonceur_AK wager 2400 and I called decently fast I most likely could have stopped somewhat more yet at last it didn’t have a lot of effect.

The Turn-BINGO!!! My Jack hit on the turn and the game was on. I checked again and this time he wager 5600. I guess he could have had a straight however it would have been lower. Three of a sort wouldn’t support him and there wasn’t any genuine possibility of a full house. Yet, he had something. So I held up 20 or 30 seconds and just called.

The River-The 3c that hit on the stream didn’t do anything for him. I calculated that another wager was coming and was glad to see him in with no reservations after I checked. Clearly I called and wound up with a gigantic 5:1 chip lead. A couple of hands later I was the champ.

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